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  • Basic understand of PHP and Object Oriented Programming
  • Mac, Windows or Ubuntu system
  • IDE or any other code editor


Symfony 4 is a powerful PHP framework that would let you create not only websites but great web applications, APIs or mobile backends.

It’s latest version is the most powerful, yet simplest to use for developers. If you want to learn Symfony in-depth, this is the best place you could get.

With over 13+ hours of content, without unnecessary talking, you’ll learn and discover all the concepts of everyday programmer working with Symfony framework.

We’ll go through each single task step by step, you will code along with me. I’d explain every detail of how things work, and how things should be done.

At the end of this course you will not only complete a fully working, real world Twitter like application, you will also deploy it to the production server. But that’s not it, we will also create an automation server, so a single Git commit will automatically release your application.

The recommended development environment is Vagrant and a ready Vagrant box Laravel Homestead, so you’ll get up and running in no time. The course includes set up instructions for Ubuntu, MacOS and Windows. Of course you can use anything that works best for you, let it be XAMPP, MAMP, Docker, Vagrant or your own system, provided you have PHP 7+ and MySQL installed.

The course starts with introduction and setup lectures and and overview of how Symfony project structure looks like.

Then we’ll move on and explain Service Container, as this is a crucial part of the framework. Don’t worry if it’s tough to understand and first, we will get back to it all the times, explaining how it works and seeing what you can do with it throughout the course.

Next section is centered around Controllers, Routes and Twig templating engine. You will learn how to create a backbone of your application and how to render HTML together with data using Twig. We will also see how we can install and manage assets, like CSS & JavaScript, by installing Bootstrap using yarn.

After that, will touch databases and the excellent Doctrine ORM. You will learn how you can create simple PHP objects as a representation of a table rows. You will learn about database migrations – an easy way of managing your database schema changes. This section will also show you how to quickly fetch, modify and delete data from the database.

Who is the target audience?

  • PHP developers that do not know any framework
  • Developers with some knowledge of other PHP frameworks
  • Developers that need and want to pick-up Symfony fast with straight to the point course

Created by Piotr Jura
Last updated 9/2018

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