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  • Basic Algebra
  • For AES (which can be skipped), a good idea of how to multiply matrices is good
  • Motivation


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In this course, you will learn all of the old and modern security systems that have been used and are currently being used. You also learn how to crack each one and understand why certain security systems are weak and why others are strong. We will even go into RSA, AES and ECC which are the three main modern cryptosystems used today.

Learn How to Crack the Code!

  • Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Public Key Cryptosystems (ie RSA)
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Modern Cryptographic Security
  • Advanced Mathematical Techniques

Master the Art of Security!

Security is a very important tool, and the ability to use mathematics to hide information is vital to the world. See how our banks and even the National Security Agency (NSA) keeps their data secure. With the knowledge of this course, you can even apply for security jobs at places like the NSA! This is a course that is rarely taught in Universities, so take advantage and start today!

Most of today’s security is based upon RSA, and AES but the NSA is trying to push Elliptic Curve Cryptography since it is more secure than RSA. In this course, we learn all of these cryptosystems and their weaknesses. We give examples of every cipher that we cover. Only a small number of people currently understand these systems, and you can join them. The best part of this course is the fun in breaking the codes. We offer many examples of each cryptosystem and how to break each one.

Even as you are reading this, your https:// at the top says that the RSA Algorithm is successfully keeping your information from flooding the internet. You can find out how it all works and the mathematical structures that keep it secure in this course. So what are you waiting for?

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in computers and security
  • Anyone who wants to work at the National Security Agency
  • Anyone who understands a little about mathematics
  • Anyone who wants to understand why certain systems are secure

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