New Tech New Threats. Cyber Security

Try it 21st Century hobby for a changed your life.


Practice cases at the ready to assist. All materials and resources.

Assignment Mode to fine-tune the explanation, step-by-step guide. And your own Solutions. You receive your feedback.

Mode of Peer Review.

In this course, we look at all the preliminary skills in crafting a coherent rough cut.

Section 1. Introduction.

Section 2. What is privacy? How information flow travels across the globe. Is your private information really private?

Section 3. The Cybersecurity world. You will research current cyber events and demonstrate your understanding

Section 4. Are You a Spy? – No, This is Not a Movie. Begin to think with a perspective from an anonymous hacker.

Section 5. Cyber Risks. Establish and maintain certain information security risk criteria. Ensure that repeated risk assessments “produce consistent, valid and comparable results”

Section 6. Cryptography – Not Just a Digital Thing. Understand what The decrypt is

Section 7. Password cracking. Cracking Windows Passwords. Facebook and a brute-force attack. Understanding Techniques.

Section 8. My secure password. If you’re serious about security, you’ll make sure to use strong passwords everywhere.

Section 9. Conclusion. You will demonstrate your knowledge of Cybersecurity by planning your future.

You will be able to

– Write a brief description of the attack which explains it watch the news video and read the story for each of the hacks.

– Create a report the 5W’s:

Who, What, Where, When, Why.

– Whether malware is involved in the attack, and what type of malware it is.

Run your risk assessment

– Put yourself into your Hacker shoes.

– Understand Cryptography and decrypt.

– Password cracking.

Demonstrate your Knowledge of Cybersecurity.





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