PowerShell for the Enterprise Desktop

Quick Start Tips, Tricks and Ready To Run Code.

What you’ll learn
  • Videos consist of real code walkthroughs that model the “layer-it-up” approach you should use to build your own scripts.
  • Understand the attributes of Enterprise Desktop scripting that make it unique.
  • Understand critical PowerShell.exe switches that make running scripts on the enterprise desktop easier.
  • Receive useful, production ready sample scripts.
  • A Windows machine with PowerShell installed.

Putting together a simple PowerShell Script is the easy part…

Ensuring that script will run reliably on thousands of Windows machines scattered across the globe is where a little guidance can save you a lot of time!

This course is a cheat sheet for getting your scripts to run reliably on the Enterprise Desktop. Most of the concepts and samples apply equally to servers.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who needs to deploy PowerShell scripts to a broad community of Desktops or Servers.
Direct Download
Direct Download [331 MB]
Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/managing-the-enterprise-windows-desktop-with-powershell

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