Ruby on Rails 6: Learn 25+ gems and build a Startup MVP 2021

I’m proud to say that this is the most feature-rich Ruby-on-Rails-6 course on the internet.

The course contains 200 lectures and 20 hours of video content.

It is a result of my 6 years of Software Engineering experience and 6 months of course writing.

Through the years of being a software developer I’ve learnt a lot by trial, error, and research.

You don’t have to spend all the time I did!

In this course I’ve summed up the best practices of using different gems and features.

You will be able to learn it all by practice!

As well we will learn to troubleshoot different issues in development and production.

In this course you will:

  • Learn to build your own advanced online learning platform step-by-step, feature-by-feature (like a Udemy or Skillshare)
  • get access to the source code of the final application
  • gain the broad knowledge and skill needed to create basically any web application you can think of
  • get acquainted with all the modern technologies needed to find a Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer job.

As a beginner, you will learn the whole process of developing an application with multiple features.

As an experienced developer, you will master features that you didn’t have a lot of experience with.

Here are a few topics that we will cover in the course:

Learn 25+ most popular Ruby on Rails gems:

  1. simple_form – industry-standard way to create forms
  2. faker – create fake data
  3. friendly_id – create pretty URLs
  4. ransack – search and filter data
  5. public_activity – track all actions in the application
  6. pagy – the best gem for pagination
  7. devise – authentication (users can log in)
  8. rolify – assign users different roles
  9. pundit – authorization (users can perform different actions)
  10. haml-rails – industry-standard markup language
  11. chartkick – beautiful charts
  12. groupdate – group data by periods
  13. exception_notifications – error messages in production
  14. rails-erd – generate an Entity Relationship Diagram
  15. ranked-model – order items in a list
  16. aws-sdk-s3 – store files on AWS S3
  17. active_storage_validations – validate attachments
  18. image_processing – display and manage images
  19. recaptcha – no bots will sign up
  20. wicked_pdf – style and generate PDF documents
  21. wicked – wizard for step-by-step forms
  22. omniauth-google-oauth2 – sign in with google
  23. omniauth-facebook – sign in with facebook
  24. omniauth-github – sign in with github
  25. cocoon – nested forms
  26. stripe – accept payments

Learn to use Yarn & Webpacker – the core new feature of Rails 6: 

  1. bootstrap
  2. fontawesome
  3. cocoon
  4. install videoJS
  5. chartkick
  6. jquery-ui
  7. trix

Learn Ruby on Rails features:

  1. action_text
  2. active_storage
  3. action_mailer
  4. secret credentials
  5. counter_cache
  6. scopes
  7. application_helper methods
  8. adding custom buttons
  9. conditional validation
  10. callbacks
  11. pluralization
  12. increment method
  13. dependent restrict_with_error
  14. advanced nested resources
  15. use helper methods
  16. buttons for custom actions

Learn supporting technologies:

  1. AWS Cloud9 cloud IDE
  2. AWS S3 file storage
  3. PostgreSQL database
  4. Git and Github
  5. Heroku
  6. Sendgrid
  7. Google Analytics
  8. Google reCaptcha
  9. Google oAuth API
  10. Google & Bing Webmaster
  11. Facebook oAuth API
  12. Github oAuth API
  13. Stripe

As you see, this is a fast-paced Code-Along course covering A LOT of topics


  • If you value your time and DON’T want to spend hours learning how a gem works, consider enrolling to this course.
  • The course DOES NOT cover the very basics of what Ruby and Rails are. So, some previous knowledge would be helpful.
  • I’m a professional Ruby on Rails Engineer and I built this course out of passion for sharing knowledge.
  • I’m not a native speaker and not a vice actor, so don’t expect studio-level audio quality 😉

Looking forward to seeing you inside!

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