SEO Training 2020 Practical SEO Course To Rank #1 On Google

Are you struggling to get results from learning SEO by yourself?

Getting overwhelmed by tons of online articles and tutorials about SEO?

Thinking of giving up on SEO? Think again because…This course is here!


Introducing The Complete SEO Training, the only course out there which focuses on a practically oriented approach to help you understand everything about SEO better.


Learn Everything Necessary About SEO by SEO Agency Founder To help You Rank On The Top Of Google And Search Engines


Throughout the course, I will be teaching you the concept + how to actually implement it on the real-world website, so you can have a clear idea and understanding.


The course is designed in such a way that only neccessary working stuff will be taught. Specific knowledge, straightforward and to-the-point.


Will This Course Works?

Just like any other courses out there, the results will vary from person to person. But you can ensure that whatever I will be teaching you, I’ve used them all on my own agency’s website and my clients’ – In which I have seen tremendous results. So I know what works and what doesn’t. Everything is taught from my own experience


What Makes This Course Unique?

Here are the 3 privileges you get being my student:


  1. Get accessed to the private Facebook group, where I will personally answer each and every one of your questions, discuss SEO related topics among other students and post your achievements 
  2. Get full support from me, whether it’s 1 on 1 website’s SEO audit and recommendations, direct Q & A, or any other support you need personally from me.
  3. Free consultation regarding your business online. As an online marketing agency founder, I can definitely help you with anything related to online marketing.


What Will You Achieve?

At the end of the course, you will be able to:


  • Understand the fundamentals of SEO and how Search Engines work that no one has taught you
  • Learn how to do SEO using free tools that bring results.
  • Master the art of keyword research that actually works
  • Knows the type of content and keywords to go after
  • Correct your technical SEO and design your site in such a way that Google and search engines will love
  • Come up with your own SEO strategies to outrank your competitors
  • Build authority and trust in Google’s eye for ranking consistently on the top
  • Choose the right backlinks and knows how to go after valuable backlinks to skyrocket your ranking
  • Get accessed to my secret SEO tricks and complete SEO checklist to easily copy & paste my SEO strategies
  • And much more waiting in the course… 

Is This Course For You?

This course is designed for everyone, whether you’re a small business owner looking for a way to improve your website’s ranking on search engines, an affiliate who’s just frustrated by the SEO techniques that don’t work, or simply a newbie digital marketer who’s looking to sharpen his or her SEO skills. This course’s techniques and strategies apply to all types of websites and businesses.

One thing to keep in mind is that this course may not be suitable for an absolute beginner who has never watched videos about SEO, read articles, taken any SEO course or hasn’t had any idea about anything related to SEO before. So make sure you’re aware a bit about SEO, for instance, the SEO benefits, key terms like keywords, ranking, backlinks, etc.

***But don’t worry, if you’re an absolute beginner and confused about anything, simply contact me and I’ll give you my full support.


So, are you ready to dominate the search engines’ ranking? Why not take this course, and see the results for yourself. The strategies work for me, my clients and will definitely work for you. Looking forward to seeing you in the course 🙂

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who are aware of SEO
  • People who has started doing SEO but have seen little to no results
  • Bloggers/Affiliate marketer who wants to improve SEO ranking of their sites
  • Any business owners who are tired of scam SEO agency and want to start doing SEO on their own

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