Top 10 Psychological WordPress Themes 2019

Have you ever dreamed about the launching of your own perfectly working eCommerce online project with no effort? I’m sure you have. Go and take it, because right now a moment of inspiring changes! For these simple reasons, I suggest you to take a closer look at the marvelous selection of 10 premium psychologist WordPress templates, their impressing features and the provided service at all. Long story short, this post is your clear possibility to get an absolutely wonderful eCommerce website created for your type of a desired online business, as we are going to talk about ready-to-use products that will certainly help you with the quick development of your online project. Are you ready? Let’s start!

Would you like to figure out what are the functions that are usually included in the packages of these psychological website themes? The templates provide their owners with such impressing options as unique settings inheritance and override system, mobile device optimization, shortcode builder, visual composer, media content manager, parallax effect, custom theme options panel, Google fonts, back-to-top button, flexible colors and so much more! In addition, you will also have free support and updates for your online projects, related to psychological services.

Pleasant Color Scheme

What is the first thing that you should think about while building your online projects related to psychological services? Colors, of course! Needless to say, you need the visitors of your website to feel comfortable on your pages. Seeing that, I do suggest you to think thoroughly about the color scheme of your desired website. That is why the WordPress themes shown below have flexible colors that will quickly help you to get a brilliant and attractive appearance of an online project. As a result, you will definitely have a peaceful atmosphere for your site.

Mobile Device Optimization

Convenience, it is an important aspect of any online project, especially if it is related to psychological services. There’s no doubt that you need to make your website comfortable, but that’s not all, comfortable devices allow one to easily save visitors’ time or they simply pass it. Seeing that, don’t hesitate to learn more about mobile-first design—which is the next trend for today! As the name suggests, mobile-first design is the process of a site created for the small-screened devices and then working up to the bigger desktop version to be used for larger gadgets. As a result, you will get a fabulous, well-running and powerful site that will both look and work ideally in all the browsers and on all devices.

That is why mobile-first design has already become a fast-growing website trend, which is also indispensable for a cool and successful online project! To sum everything up, below you can find 3 simple reasons telling about the undeniable pluses of mobile designs.

  1. First of all, for now, there are nearly 1.2 billion mobile users in the whole world.
  2. Second, various mobile applications have been downloaded more than 11 billion times for today!
  3. Third, the sales of different mobile devices quickly increase every day and now it’s across the board with more than 85 % of the new cell phones that allow their users to access the mobile web space in the most comfortable way!
  4. And lastly, mobile-first design is definitely able to save not only your time but the time of your clients too!

Parallax Effect

Another cool feature these themes have that will make your projects more pleasant is the Parallax Effect. Originally, parallax scrolling is a cool and recent web trend that involves background moving at a slower rate to the foreground and creates a fantastic 3D effect when a person is scrolling a page of your site. In the end, this graphical effect gives one a charming sense of depth and motion. The effect was created for video games, but today parallax scrolling is one of the most popular—and even indispensable features for any winning online project. The list below sums it all up, perfectly!

  • First, the gorgeous design of your website will quickly show the results of a longer visitor’s time on the page and its traffic will be increased with no effort!
  • Furthermore, with the help of parallax effect, you can get an easy possibility to build a clear and inviting information path to guide web audience through the site in order to present all aspects of its attractiveness.
  • 3 By the way, now the feature is suitable not only for a two-dimensional creation! Moreover, you may also use parallax effect as a great way to add different effects (e.g. some icon enlargement, moving or minimization things that are easily based on scrolling) to the desired website. In the end, such modern thing as parallax scrolling lets one became the glad owner of the magnificent and unique website!

Now you know a lot about these magical psychologist themes, built on WordPress. Consequently, it is time to take a closer look at them! Therefore, don’t hesitate to check the list below and remember that all the most stylish, helpful and popular features have already been found and mixed for your comfort in the packs of these gorgeous and powerful WordPress products!

Psychology, Counseling & Medical WP Theme

As you may see, the proposed theme was created in the light and lovely tones and will indisputably emphasize the subject of your online project, related to psychologist services. Made for your comfort, the template is powered by a flexible platform and featured with such cool options as responsive web design, visual composer and retina ready, Google fonts, back-to-top button, awesome icons, flexible colors, extensive documentation and much more!

All in all, from this moment you don’t have to be a guru of coding in order to get an authoritative and gorgeous eCommerce website. So below, you can see a perfect choice for your online business. Thus, don’t miss your chance to get all that you want and even more!

Psychology, Counseling & Medical WP Theme

Details | Demo


kalium psychology wordpress theme

Kalium is an all-around solution for bringing into being all sorts of different pages. And if you are in need of a psychology WordPress theme, Kalium is one of those, too. With the numerous ready-made home and internal pages, you can start your online presence strong in close to no time. Just mix and match the available and take your project to a whole new level with a website that will cover all sections of your business.

Bear in mind, even if you lack coding and design skills, with Kalium, you still have a chance to construct a striking page. It is the drag and drop page builder that helps you to avoid writing the code.

Kalium also practices all the current web and tech trends to ensure outstanding performance. The tool is compatible with all devices, web browsers, modern plugins and retina screens. It also includes an online appointment form, Google Maps, Revolution Slider and testimonials.

More info / Download

Life Coach and Psychologist Personal Theme

A progressive theme that will absolutely catch your guests’ eyes. Made in the beautiful, calm shades, this WordPress template is your chance to build a colorful psychologist website. Furthermore, you won’t even need to touch code at all!

Made in modern style, this marvelous and even superb theme will certainly help you to customize the design of your website and transform it into a shining candy with no effort! By the way, this WordPress template has over 350+ sales! Try this theme and be amazed!

Life Coach and Psychologist Personal Theme

Details | Demo

Psychologist – Therapy and Counseling WP Theme

This neat and cozy WordPress theme is a perfect variant for psychologist’s services. It is easy to use and install. Not only that, the template will positively impress your potential customers. Impress not only yourself, but also your viewers with a design that is both stylish and practical.

Would you like to hear about its options? Generally speaking, you will get such useful functions as mobile device optimization, home page layouts, visual composer and shortcodes, and so many more! So try it today and amaze them all!

Psychologist - Therapy and Counseling WP Theme

Details | Demo

Psychology Help – Medical WordPress Theme for Psychologist
and Mental Therapy

Psychology Help is a wonderful template designed in dazzling shades. It will literally highly the subject of your eCommerce website. Would you like to get a reliable and strong site? A site that will be worthy of your customer’s attention? Well, the template below was made exactly for these reasons, so don’t hesitate!

Don’t forget that the inimitable fonts or images and pictures with high quality will make a great addition to the remarkable view of your online pages. Furthermore, today this product has nearly 300+ sales! So try one yourself!

Medical WordPress Theme for Psychologist and Mental Therapy

Details | Demo

MentalPress – WP Theme for your Medical or Psychology Website

Just take a closer look at this unbelievable stylish and powerful theme! Designed in light grey shades, the provided WordPress template is a nice way to create your special kind of an eCommerce website without losing much time or money. So, don’t hesitate to get a chance to realize all of your brave ideas with the help of a rich palette of color schemes, unusual fonts, and high-quality pictures, as the template will easily attract the attention of your potential guests and transform them into happy and regular customers. What is more, the theme is featured with free PSD file, video tutorials, timely support, and online documentation. Moreover, today MentalPress has more than 2 000 sales! Seeing that, let’s create a modern website for modern people!

WP Theme for your Medical or Psychology Website

Details | Demo

Psychiatrist – WordPress Theme

Psychiatrist is another miraculous WordPress theme that was made for the building of a perspective website, introducing a print shop. By tradition, it is featured with MegaMenu, Google web fonts, social options, commenting system, cross-browser compatibility and other undeniable items that will surely help you to build the site of your dream. Additionally, you get a notable, powerful website that works perfectly in all the browsers and on all the devices.

Psychiatrist - WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Psychology – WordPress theme for Psychological Practice,
Psychologist and Psychiatrist

To begin with, this well structured and professionally documented theme gives a really fast start to your ideas! Made in green shades, the theme has a package full of all the needed functions that would be an indisputable thing for the creating of a productive, splendid and perfectly running website. For example, MegaMenu, crossbrowser compatibility, commenting system, dropdown menu, live search, Visual Composer page builder, WP composer, Popup for your form and contact details, Call to actions selection, Google maps and web fonts, etc.

WordPress theme for Psychological Practice, Psychologist and Psychiatrist

Details | Demo

Psychologist – Psychological Practice WP Theme

Still looking for an extraordinary and useful theme to create your own psychologist website? Get everything in one package and even more with the help of the template below! Easy to use and install, it was productively made in a modern style. Today the template has more than 400 sales and featured with all the modern and powerful options that one may use for the prosperity of their business. Without a doubt, the visitors of your website will be charmed by a delightful palette of soft and light colors as well as by the power of its work.

Psychologist - Psychological Practice WP Theme

Details | Demo

Hypnotherapy and Psychologist WP Theme

Are you the one, who still looking for a clear and strong theme introducing your psychologist services? Well, without a doubt the provided template would be a great way to tell the whole world about your business! Easy in use and installation, this WordPress theme is built with valid, semantic code and has a package full of inspiring options that will quickly assist one with the prosperity of their business online.

Hypnotherapy and Psychologist WP Theme

Details | Demo

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