Top 10 Storytelling Tools for Content Creators 2019

Content in itself is a wide spectrum of different ways to express oneself, one’s ideas, as well as moving the creative force through the use of words. One of the most prominent ways of expressing a story is by telling it, which is also known as storytelling. Much of what we read today, either online or offline, is usually a fabricated type of journalism that does little to no storytelling. Stories are all about engaging the reader on a journey of emotional and intellectual capacity that becomes easy to remember, easy to relate to.

Telling stories today has become much easier, with a wide range of tools and platforms that focus solely on helping writers, bloggers, and other content creators, to create the kind of stories that capture the attention of the reader (or consumer) and lead them from point A to point Z flawlessly. In recent years, animated stories, video stories, and interactive stories have become somewhat of a thing. You will learn this through the features that the following list of storytelling tools has to offer.

LookBook HQ

Book and eBook content has become a way of attracting and keeping customers engaged with your business. You can use an eBook to conclude research, analysis, reports, and other types of intellectual content. However, not everyone has the time to weed through the good stuff; sometimes people want to learn just a few things at a time. LookBookHQ helps content creators to organize their content in segments, allowing your customers, subscribers or readers to indulge in specific parts of content without having to read the whole thing. Point out the best parts of the book, specify the length of each part, and specify how it can help the user. This will dramatically increase the engagement rate for all of your content that’s now organized in stories, rather than segments. This is the perfect platform for anyone who is looking to encourage self-education through organized content.

Telling stories through video is an amazing way to connect with your audience. Through it, you can also build a new audience as you progress. WireWax offers a number of features that lets you revamp your existing video content into a fully interactive learning experience. The videos you upload become ‘taggable’. That means you can add custom tags throughout your video. You can also use those tags to add additional dynamic media content such as photos, website links, etc. Versatile platform that could forever change the way you do interactive videos.

Storyline Creator • A tool to tell a story

Are you a book writer? Perhaps an author at a huge publication where stories extend to more than 10,000+ words every time? Cos offers an easy-to-use platform that lets you map out all the stories you create, starting from the characters, and their whereabouts at any point of your story, all the way to the ending and how it call came together. You would usually do this using a piece of paper. But this kind of technology really allows for easy-to-understand story management. Moreover, you will end up saving yourself a ton of time by remembering and also knowing how the story will unfold at any given time. Brilliant platform to play around with.

Skyword The Art and Science of Content Marketing

Skyword’s focus is on content and how to make your content more great, as well as more exposed. Skyword understands the importance of good content that tells stories and connects with its audience. And in turn, it offers a variety of marketing practices and services to all of its customers. Skyword also provides access to a community of thousands of freelance writers and videographers, an editorial team, and program managers who help move clients’ content marketing programs to new levels of creative excellence.

Storyboard That The World s Best FREE Online Storyboard Creator

Story boards have become a thing within several different niches on the web right now, especially popular amongst indie bloggers and anyone who is passionate about adding a little fun to their content experience. StoryboardThat lets anyone to create their own storyboards and use them as a way to express and tell stories in a more meaningful way. A lot of animations and graphics to choose from, so you’re always capable of creating something new and unique.

Storybird Artful Storytelling

Have you ever have had the urge to write a book? It seems that it’s one of those things that all writers come across at least once in their careers: the need to express themselves in a book. While Storybird is not strictly a writing platform, it’s definitely an amazing interactive book creation platform that will help you create books in digital format that will capture the attention of audiences small and big. Sign up and get access to artworks from animators and illustrators that have got years of experience in creating stunning visuals that will compliment any story at any time.

Make em Curious With Your Video Lessons —

As mentioned, video is becoming a trend in telling stories. People at Metta have foreseen this trend picking up. That is why they’re offering a professional platform for creating truly interactive learning videos. You can use them to educate, tell stories, and inform your audience about your passion.

Shorthand — Make the most of your story

Shorthand lets you create stunningly visual short stories that can be complimented with the latest data from social media platforms, from the web itself, or from your direct experiences. Each story has got its own landing page, and Shorthand is a known platform to be for some of the leading journalism sites worldwide.

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