Top 15 Creative Adobe Muse Templates 2019

When you face the task of creating and launching a new website, you want it not to be a mediocre one, which looks no different from the websites that are out there. You want it to be a website that strikes the imagination of your website guests and makes them remember your website as the brightest and the most appealing one among those they stumbled upon in the area.

Modern creative websites do look different from the ones that were out there in the previous years. They make use of bright upbeat or neon colors and bold typography, incorporate features of card design and prioritize UX over the pure aesthetic appeal. If you want to build a creative website, but don’t want to turn to a professional web designer to get it all done for a pretty high price, use one of the well-though creative templates on the market and you’re bound to succeed.

In this post, I want to share with you top 15 creative Adobe Muse templates that let you create a striking website if you’re a photographer, designer or deal in this or that way with the fashion industry. These templates all have clean and valid code that underpins creative designs of unparalleled quality. If you need even more creative Adobe Muse templates check out design & photography Muse templates and fashion/beauty Muse templates.

Adobe Muse CC is a gorgeous software that allows you to create HTML5 websites without ever having to write a simple line of code. If you’re not a web developer and you’re not used to working with complex HTML5, CCS3, and JavaScript code that is needed to power functionality of modern websites, then a Muse template is the most optimal choice for you. With Adobe Muse CC you can edit the theme with simple drag-n-drop, change content after simply clicking of it and use the most appropriate imagery either uploading it from your PC or selecting it right in the inbuilt Adobe Stock.

Are you ready to get a fresh boost of creativeness? Let’s review the top 15 creative Muse templates and get inspired by their fresh and alluring designs.

Perfect Jenny: Model’s Personal Page Muse Website

Perfect Jenny is a personal page template that’s truly worth a top model. Once site guests land on your website, they see your tempting fullscreen picture with the site’s title featured in large capital letters. Social buttons (Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram) also reside on top of the website’s title image, so that no one would ever miss a chance to learn more about your daily life in social networks. Among other most appealing blocks of the homepage, you’ll find such blocks as the one featuring modeling agencies that you’ve worked with and the one winningly showcasing your casting photos. For an even more impressive effect, site’s home page is equipped with Parallax effect that adds depth and 3D immersion to your website.

Perfect Jenny theme is well-tested and displays just the same in all modern browsers. You won’t be ever troubled by such issues as bugs or cross-browser compatibility if you go for this wonderful template.

rtfolio Muse Template

Details | Demo

Daily Fashion: Fashion Blog Muse Site

This skillfully crafted template is designed for powering an avid HTMP5 based blog. The top of the website is uncluttered, as the theme’s menu is represented in the form of a hamburger menu button, after clicking on which the menu unfolds. The theme invites you to inform your website guests about upcoming and recent fashion events and trends and share any other content that you find relevant. It also allows you to embed videos of recent catwalk shows and fashion gigs. For user’s convenience main website menu is repeated in the website’s footer, so that your site guests don’t have to scroll all the way up to get back to your header navigation.

This theme is designed for those of you, who don’t want to be bothered by mastering HTML and CSS code and want to be able to customize the theme without resorting to professional help. With Adobe Muse CC software you’ll be able to edit every website element on the fly and complete your project within a pretty short period of time.

Blog Muse Template

Details | Demo

Faultless Beauty: Fashion School Muse Template

This powerful muse template is created for a fashion school (e.g. hairdresser school, makeup school, etc.), but will perfectly fit the purposes of any website in the fashion industry. When designing the template, its creators decided to go for unconventional solutions and shifted theme’s logo and menu bar below the slider. As a result, the template opens with a captivating fullscreen image that pictures unparalleled beauty and provides for forming a positive first impression that is known to be accountable for decreasing website’s bounce rate.

The theme is fully equipped with the set of the needed pages. Among them, you’ll find such pages as About Us, Services, Prices, Gallery and Contacts. Moreover, template’s home page itself has a storytelling design, as it features information about you and the services you offer, an abstract from your Gallery page with shots of your most impressive projects and a contact form that allows getting in touch with you right on your website’s home page.

chool Muse Template

Details | Demo

Stylish Photographer Portfolio Muse Theme

If you’re looking for a stylish photographer portfolio template, then you won’t be able to withstand the magnetic power of this Muse template. Its home page is built with intermingling sections of Parallax backgrounds and white one-color backgrounds that provide for clear layout of the page. In this theme, Parallax effect is used in a pretty unconventional way: rather than creating the effect that a background image moves, it creates the effect that it’s glued to one place and does not move as you scroll the page down. At the same, all the content on the foreground moves up, so that the image gradually unfolds in front of user’s eyes.

The template has all the elements needed for a successful photographer website: it incorporates an extended portfolio section, features latest posts from your blog and invites users to share your page in popular social networks, the links to which reside at the bottom of your site’s home page.

pher Portfolio Muse Template

Details | Demo

Hipster Feel: Hair Salon & Barber Shop Muse Website

This hair salon muse template makes the most out of monochrome color palette and ensures perfect readability of your website content with white legible fonts. The theme is ideal not only for a hair salon, but also for a barber shop, as it includes a shop page where you can sell your exclusive hair care items. Shop’s home page winningly combines minimalism with such elements of hipster culture as hand-drawn icons and headings. There you’ll also find a comprehensive ‘Our Prices’ section, so that your potential clients don’t have to go search for your prices elsewhere.

Hipster Feel barber shop template is faultlessly cross-browser compatible. Google Chrome, Safari, Opera or Mozilla Firefox – no matter what modern browser your site guests prefer, they’ll see your website in its full blossom.

on Muse Template

Details | Demo

Beauty of Moment: Photographer Portfolio Muse Site

This theme is ideal for a passionate photographer, who is able to uncover the beauty of every moment and every person. It’s full of motion and insists that best moments of life are worth capturing. The template opens with the slider, the slides of which appear from the bottom, creating a Parallax-like effect. Below, you’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself and list your services, as well as present some of your best shots to impress the audience. The theme comes with a prebuilt fully-functional contact form that resides on the ‘Contacts’ page, as well as above the home page footer.

Beauty of Moment template is built in accordance with latest HTML5 and CCS3 coding standards. Thanks to its clean and well-structured code, your website is bound to rate high in search engine search results and be discovered by new potential clients both locally and on a global scale. Sliced PSD theme files are also included to the theme package, so that you can work with them in Adobe Photoshop if needed.

pher Portfolio Muse Template

Details | Demo

Irrevocable Models: Model Agency Muse Site Design

This model agency template combines minimalism and simplicity with textured Parallax backgrounds and stylish circle imagery. Below your site’s logo and menu panel, site guests will find an impressive fullscreen slider that is set to play images automatically by default. The set of website’s prebuilt pages includes such pages as Home, About, Services, Gallery and Contacts. The Gallery page of the template is ideal to feature your best models in sleek and stylish circles that open in a lightbox on mouse click. ‘Services’ page of the theme is perfect for showcasing your services and providing their description, as well as for introducing your models to the audience.

With an Adobe Muse template, you’ll never be lost customizing the theme, as with this software you can adjust imagery and colors in one click, as well as embed content of different types, such as video and audio files and Google Maps to the template. Moreover, Muse templates come with 24/7 friendly chat support, the representatives of which will be happy to provide you with their valuable advice and guidance.

ency Muse Template

Details | Demo

Creative Professional: Muse Theme for Photographer Portfolio

This template is designed for a photographer, for whom photography is not a hobby, but a lifestyle. It emphasizes such notions as professionalism, unconventional approach and openness to new ideas. To implement your vision of a perfect photographer website you can customize template’s fonts by choosing fonts that you find most appealing in Adobe Fotnts Typekit, replace images with your own impressive works or stock photos from Adobe library and change the layout of the website up to your liking.

The theme allows you to uncover your professional photography skills by different mean of visual presentation. You can depict your skills in form of entertaining counters, add video presentation of your works and add them to a visually striking gallery. To grow the amount of your followers in social networks, you can add social buttons that link the website to your pages in popular social networks, such as Google+, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

pher Portfolio Muse Template

Details | Demo

Strikingly Beautiful Model Agency Muse Template

If you wonder, why monochrome color scheme is so popular for fashion websites, just check out this sleek and ultra-modern Muse theme that is a true epitome of fashion. Actually, the theme is not strictly monochrome. Its elegant color scheme is brightened up by tangerine color that is used as the main accent color of the theme. Thanks to it, you website guests won’t ever miss your CTA, physical address and your phone number. Bright orange is also used to highlight the headings of your website, so that they visually differ from your main website content and immediately catch site guests’ attention.

Your website homepage will be a true gem thanks to Parallax backgrounds that are incorporated to it and circle-shaped images that let your visitors cast a sight on your strikingly beautiful models and on the inner life of your fashion studio. The theme also incorporates a Facebook module that lets not only subscribe to your account in this most popular social network, but also to view your active social life there.

ency Muse Template

Details | Demo

Fashion Hotspot: Fashion Muse Theme with Creative Layout

This fashion template is carried out in delicate pastel tones and different shades of grey. Such a mix is a great fit for an elegant fashion website that features alluring and exquisite pictures of best models. Website logo and menu bar are followed by a fullscreen slider with navigational elements and large captions that allow you to immediately capture website guests’ attention. The slider is followed by the gallery of your models that is carried out using creative card design, which is one of the major web design trends in 2017. Model cards have different sizes and shapes and create and intricate mosaic of alluring photos.

One more visual attraction of the template is the back-to-top button, which has a shape of thin and delicate ‘Up’ arrow with the corresponding text. The theme comes with the lively ‘Blog’ page, which invites you to regularly update your website and share your fashion insights with the world. Having a frequently updated ‘Blog’ section gives you a powerful boost in terms of SEO, as search engines rate frequently updated websites significantly higher.

rtfolio Muse Template

Details | Demo

Innovative Web Design Studio Muse Site Design

This theme is styled for a creative web design studio that has modern approach to web design. Template’s home page features animated full-width slider, projects and services sections, testimonials and logos of the companies that you’ve accomplished projects for. The theme also has an extended footer that plays part of a roadmap to your website. It features different categories of your content, social buttons and contact information including your phone number and e-mail address. Such footer facilitates easy navigation of your website and boosts UX on it.

The template comes with all the source PSD files that you can later modify in Adobe Photoshop and incorporate to your website. The theme is cross-browser compatible and performs equally well in all modern browsers.

gn Muse Template

Details | Demo

Lose It with Fun: Weight Loss Muse Theme

This theme is designed for companies that offer services connected with weight loss and healthy nutrition. It’s built to combat the initial fear of your potential clients to face the problem, and to motivate them to become slimmer and more elegant versions of themselves. Template’s color scheme incorporates motivating and cheerful shades of red, blue, orange and green. The typography of the template is bold and creative (you can adjust it any time in Adobe Muse by choosing the fonts you like most of all from the set of Typekit Webfonts). To boost the informative charge your template, you can not only add textual content, but also embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo that relate personal stories of people who dropped a desired amount of weight with your help.

Among other attractive features of the theme, you’ll be pleased by creative banners, one of such you can see on the template homepage. Moreover, being an HTML5 website, this theme has a perfect loading speed and provides for smooth performance.

oss Muse Template

Details | Demo

Happy Together: Wedding Album Muse Template

This creative Muse template is crafted for an inspiring and filled-with-love wedding album. It opens with a fullscreen slider, on top of which resides a website logo and menu bar. The main body of the home page is formed by intermingling cards of content and imagery, which are implemented in eye-pleasing pastel color palette. Above website footer, you’ll find a three-column block that invites you to tell your story, features last flicks from your Instagram account and offers website guests to contact you with the help of a fully-functional contact form.

The set of pre-built pages that come with the theme consists of such pages as Home, About, Gallery, Blog and Contacts. Gallery page is meant to feature your most successfully implemented projects; while Blog page lets you power a frequently updated informative blog. The theme has the feature, known as cross-browser compatibility. No matter what kind of a browser website users use, they’ll see your website exactly the same.

Album Muse Template

Details | Demo

Modern Nail Salon Muse Website

This nail salon theme is crafted for a modern nail studio, staff of which is full of unconventional ideas and bright projects. The upper part of the template’s home page is carried out in dark shades, which then turn to lighter ones as users scroll down. Your website guests will be visually amused once they get to the ‘Latest News’ section, the entries of which appear one after another with intricate animated effect. The theme comes with two prebuilt fully functional forms: newsletter sign-up and contact form.

This Nail Salon template is built with valid, semantic code and provides you with an inimitable design for your future nail salon website. If you go for this template, you’ll never be left alone with your issues, as this Muse theme also gives you free technical support that is ready to help you 24/7.

on Muse Template

Details | Demo

Harbor of Relaxation: Spa Salon Muse Site

Easy in use and installation, this spa accessories Muse theme is a charming example of an excellent HTML 5 template. It allows you to create a long-awaited online project just out-of-the-box without losing much time. Don’t miss your chance to build the website of your dream, as the proposed theme is flexible and powerful enough to match any personal needs, as well as the corporate ones.

This wonderful spa accessories Muse theme has a great package of cool and useful features that will certainly assist you with the development of your future online project related to your business. Don’t hesitate to check the demo version of this marvelous theme, as this made in the beautiful, calm shades template seems to be your chance to build an attractive online project for your needs without touching a single line of code.

ssories Muse Template

Details | Demo

I hope you’re already about to start creating a website with one of these wonderful templates, as with Adobe Muse this process will be fun and easy.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section. I would be happy to provide all the needed answers.

Take care!

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