Top 15 Free Customer Service & Support & Chat Plugins for WordPress 2019

It’s no secret that customer service is a big part of a successful business. Treating customers without care is going to reflect back the same kind of energy, the customers will simply not care and leave your business to go elsewhere, and this has always been the case whether we are talking about physical or online businesses. In an age where millions of people are getting connected to the web on daily basis, it’s important as ever to provide the kind of customer service that will not only inspire your customers but will have them tell all about your business, products, and services to the people most close to them.

Big businesses rely heavily on hiring support and customer service teams that have been specifically trained to provide a seamless support service. The web is full of stories of how different companies have treated their customers in unique ways, the kind of stories that attract more customers, and more exposure, and it’s good to be smart about creative customer service, because you never know when you are going to inspire someone to share their experience with your business with the rest of the world.

As for WordPress users, there are plenty of options to serve your customers better, whether it’s easy to use free live chat solutions that will let you open up a chatting window with your visitors or a fully integrated support management platform that will let your site visitors and members open up support tickets at any given time, you don’t have to make customer service difficult on your WordPress site and we are about to depict more than a dozen of the most favorite customer service and customer support plugins that you can download for WordPress.

LiveChat WordPress support plugin with chat functionality

wp live chat software for wordpress

LiveChat is a customer service support plugin for WordPress which can impact your business and overall web presence positively. Interact with your users and soon-to-be customers and grow your project accordingly. With a live chat feature going on on your website, visitors can get in touch with you in real-time, getting answers to any question they might have. With a simple add-on like a live chat, you can increase your sales and boost customer relationships through the roof.

Core features of LiveChat are visitors tracking, live chat triggers, feedback, reports, and multi-channel communication. When you go offline, LiveChat stores users’ messages in a ticket form so they never get lost. Of course, you can modify the default web design of LiveChat and make it congruent with your theme to the very last detail. As a bonus, LiveChat comes in 45 different languages for even quicker implementation.

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WordPress › Zopim Live Chat « WordPress Plugins

Customer support has always been about answering people’s questions, and fast. The more attentive we can be to the needs of our customers, the more likely it is that we will land a sale with them. Zopim’s Live Chat solution is a brilliant platform for monitoring the active visitors on your website at any given time, and offering to interact with them through an interactive Live Chat platform.

That’s right. You can open a chat window with anyone who is browsing your blog and ask them a question as to whether you can do anything for them to help them better understand your mission in business. It’s fully responsive, an automatic trigger will open a chat window with every single visitor maximizing your chances of landing leads, and an integrated analytics platform will help you better understand the behavior of your visitors as well as how well the actual live chat widget is performing.

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Chat X WordPress Chat plugin for Sales Support WordPress CodeCanyon

Chat X is a beautiful, and premium, live chat service platform that offers a beautifully designed live chat widget that will surely spark the interest of your visitors. Visitors to your website can easily open up a chat window to begin a conversation with one of the operators, and if no operator is present at any given time, they can easily leave an email message — one that will reassure that they will shortly get an answer to their burning questions.

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WordPress › WP Live Chat Support « WordPress Plugins

WP-LiveChat offers a multitude (plethora) of options for both the free version of the plugin, as well as the paid one. It uses the same organic structure of a typical live chat plugin, with an easy to navigate interface and the kind of features that will make live chatting experience a breeze. Works out of the box with most WordPress plugins (including cache plugins), and you can opt to receive notifications of your desktop when a new live chat window is opened; all missed live chats are recorded in the database. You can either show the live chat box to all visitors, or you can select to display the live chat box only to members — which makes it very appealing to sites that deal with membership type of content. Check out the official WordPress plugin page to learn more about the pro features, of which there are plenty!

supportcandy customer service support plugin for wordpress

SupportCandy is a fantastic and easy to implement customer service support plugin for WordPress. It features a complete helpdesk ticket system that you can add to your website in a breeze. With qucik set up and little to no adjustmens needed, you can offer a ticketing system on your web platform straight away.

When it comes to features of SupportCandy, you can expect loads. First thing’s first, there is no set number of how many tickets and agents you have going on at the same time. To not complicate it too much, that would be unlimited. Yes, although free, SupportCandy still allows as many tickets as you can possibly handle and then some. As for the agents, you can easily distribute the work to numerous team members.

Moreover, SupportCandy is GDPR compliant, supports guest tickets (no need to create a user account) and allows private notes for agents. The layout is 100% responsive and mobile-ready, fast performing and easy to navigate.

onwebchat customer service support plugin for wordpress

Whether you run an online store, own an application, a service-based business, a web hosting company, you name it, it is important that all your visitors and users are fully satisfied and fulfilled. Especially if they landed on your website for the first time, you need to offer them all and everything to get them on board. One cool feature that you should try out is adding live chat support. With onWebChat plugin, you can make it happen in just a minute.

It is super simple to integrate onWebChat and have it live on your page. They can now chat with your customer support team real-time and get all the answers they were looking for. Of course, you can entirely customize the look of onWebChat and make it follow your branding regulations precisely. onWebChat supports emoticons, allows you to block guests, comes with live chat triggers and a horde other features.

ucare customer service support plugin for wordpress

You definitely should care about your existing users and potential customers to reach the desired success. With uCare, you can implement your own support ticket system and helpdesk and offer assistance to anyone who has additional questions and concerns. From now, everyone can learn all they need about your products and services before and after getting involved. The web design of uCare is flexible and appealing to the eye, making sure the experience is always outstanding.

uCare features reporting, supports multiple users and groups, acclimatizes to any WordPress theme and does not slow down your page. It also has a welcoming screen, can close tickets automatically and provides ticket status and priority. A similar ticketing system and helpdesk to the one you already got yourself involved on another platform, you can now realize on your own. And the execution will be quick and effective with the power of uCare.

wp chatbot customer service support plugin for wordpress

You can now benefit from adding Facebook Messanger to your website with WP-Chatbot plugin. If you truly want to keep things simple, yet super powerful, introducing Facebook Messanger to your page can be highly rewarding. You can now chat with your customer lives, but you can also utilize a convenient chatbot and let it do the majority of work for you. With Facebook Messanger integrated into your web platform, users do not need to create a new account to get in touch with you. Since most of them are using Facebook anyone, WP-Chatbot comes super handy.

With WP-Chatbot, you can set greeting message, enable or disable Facebook analytics and even hide messenger on particular posts and pages. Additionally, you can also use WP-Chatbot only on smartphones or simply leave it live across all devices and platforms. WP-Chatbot is also perfectly in tune with WooCommerce and comes with a shortcode as well.

WordPress › Provide Support Live Chat « WordPress Plugins

Take your time to explore this very classical free live chatting platform that takes only a few moments to install and configure. You can position the live chat button bubble anywhere you like, ensuring that you feel good about its placement and interaction with the kind of WordPress theme you are using.

AH Tickets Help And Support System PHP Scripts CodeCanyon

The Bootstrap based AH Tickets support system plugin is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a simple ticketing system that looks sleek and modern, and doesn’t overwhelm with features or functionality. The creators developed this with very basic functionality. They added email notifications to this theme so you can updated from the latest opening of tickets. This also is a premium plugin, but guarantees support from the developer in case you need ideas and support with maximizing the potential of the ticketing system.

WordPress › Zendesk for WordPress « WordPress Plugins

Zendesk is a modern support platform that offers some truly unique features. As an example, you can easily turn your existing WordPress blog comments into individual and unique support tickets. If there are questions and feedback, you can click next to commenters name and open up a new support conversation. You can do this instead of doing an open-on conversation with the commenter. The developers included a dynamic help widget that you can add to any of your sites pages. This will allow your visitors to remain updated about your latest support articles and product information. The widget also offers a simple feedback tab that will allow your visitors to reach out to you directly.

WordPress › Awesome Support WordPress Support Plugin « WordPress Plugins

Indie developers, freelancers, bloggers and writers will all benefit greatly from this simple support plugin. The developers created the idea that it should natively work with all WordPress themes and plugins. While big businesses will benefit from an extensive list of features, those with much smaller client bases will be able to enjoy a simple support ticket system that’s minimal and effective.

WordPress › JS Support Ticket « WordPress Plugins

JS Support is a beautifully built Bootstrap based support platform for WordPress bloggers. The developers added features that can enable visitors to create new support tickets from within the front-end. They also added a dynamic support icon that you can place anywhere and ability to attach files with each ticket. You can use the department management system that allows different departments to answer different types of tickets. Moreover, you can enjoy its simple and effective ticket notifications through email and an HTML editor, mobile-optimized design. The administration of the site is in full charge of how the platform works. Furthermore, translation files make it easy to translate.

WordPress › WP Support Ticket « WordPress Plugins

WP Support lets you have your own support ticket system on your WordPress website without the nuisances and completely free. The creators made this theme easy to use and flexible. Moreover, this theme does the job.

Help Scout Desk WordPress and Help Scout Plugin

Help Scout is an invisible, email-based help desk for companies who value their customers. A great customer experience thrives on effortless communication, and Help Scout facilitates this by focusing on creating conversations. One key feature of Help Scout is that from a customer standpoint, communication is personal. From the support side, you can manage multiple inboxes and brands. You can also track and organize your customer’s conversations, add notes, collaborate with team members, and a lot more. Take advantage of this plugin to add all the magnificent and useful Help Scout features to your WordPress blog!

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