Top 22 Dark WordPress Themes in 2019 for Professional Websites

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, says the sage. Yet some beauties are seemingly universal in their appeal—the delicate features of an angel, the perfect symmetry of natural proportions, and notably, the beauty of the darker side of things.

In this day and age, the ever-advancing screen technologies bathe us in a near-permanent flurry of light and bright colors. Amidst the seizure of chrome apparitions, a balancing is in order. In effect, a sobering palette can spark pragmatism in a world riddled with castles in an increasingly crowded, blinding sky.

Cue curtain. Lights are out, and they stay that way. Darkness has come upon the scene, juxtaposed firmly against a rainbow backdrop; the light is cast upon the shadows, and they become even more beautiful for it. Enter the dark WordPress themes set. These themes are stark and serious in a world that needs cooler heads. Sleek and attractive, these elegant themes will dress your website to be the lady of the ball. As we all know, black never goes out of style!


webify dark wordpress theme

If you are particularly interested in creating a dark website, make sure you do not miss checking out Webify. This wonderful, elegant and trendy WordPress theme offers you a sophisticated dark demo which you can put into play out of the box. No need to start from the ground up anymore; get your hands on Webify and make a difference once and for all. In little to no time, you can now have a full-blown website pushing your project, services and whatever else you would like to spread the word out about.

Some of the goodies that every Webify user gets include but are not limited to parallax effect, back to top button, filterable portfolio, logo slider and mega menu. You can also start a blog and use it for content marketing, bringing in even more business opportunities.

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XStore, a multipurpose WordPress WooCommerce website theme, is elegant and user- and developer-friendly. It is a fantastic solution for webmasters who need a quick and effective platform for developing and maintaining sophisticated online shop websites that cater to diverse industries and fields. To that end, XStore comes with dozens of one-click importable demo websites and template pages. Designers also equipped it with the incredible Visual Composer page builder plugin, Slider Revolution, WPML, and Contact Form 7. They give you free reign over the look, feel, and behavior of every element of your interactive website. They allow you to craft beautiful slideshows and to get creative with the presentation of your product catalogs, product pages, product portfolios, and much more.

With XStore’s attractive templates, demo websites, and pages from the fashion industry, setting up an effective online commerce solution for a fashion retailer, a fashion outlet, or any clothing-industry-related endeavor is easy, breezy, and effortless. A thoroughly modular Bootstrap design also makes XStore a naturally cross-compatible theme, ready and capable of servicing users on any platform. Try XStore today!

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candy - fullscreen portfolio theme

Candy is a classy WordPress theme that meets the creativity requirements of websites. Its template formats show polished aesthetic accomplishment. Equal parts artistic and professional, it is a theme fit for a creator.

Candy is particularly great for both single-page and multipage websites. Working with Bootstrap, you can easily employ this dark theme for corporate purposes, portfolio exposition, personal use, or commercial use. It is useful for one-page sites devoted to projects, events, and the like. Its page parallax scrolling technology makes for a dynamic navigational experience. You can also use any aspect ratio, thanks to Candy’s responsive design. This automatically rearranges the displayed layout of your content to suit any number of devices, from tablets and mobile phones to laptops and desktop PCs. Every visitor, therefore, receives an optimal experience.

In terms of page ranking, Candy’s integrated SEO-friendly tools and features will enhance your performance. Its analytical tools will diagnose and evaluate your website’s strengths and profitability. A further advantage is its proven dedicated customer support.

You’ve got things to say? Let this theme turn them into eye-candy.

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minimalize - black & white WP theme

Minimalize is a multipurpose WordPress theme that looks clever, sleek, and modern. It comes with a single-page format presented in six demos and two more variants corresponding to light and dark themes. Different types of webmasters can instantly improve their project websites with this understated yet powerful theme.

The enhanced page builder of Minimalize allows for customized page layouts with a simplified drag-and-drop interface. Default home pages can include beautiful side menus, slide over menus, fully vertical navigation, backgroundless floating menus, a header you can toggle in and out, and the potent Revolution Slider and Layer tools, all powered by full HTML5 compatibility. All this makes your single-page website dynamic, interactive, and responsive beyond belief. Another advantage is that Minimalize plays nice on all devices.

Clearly, with Minimalize, aesthetics is the name of the game. Each demo is an impressive, professional-looking template for any website. Its flexible, powerful social media, commentary, and subscription tools disappear from the user’s sight with the sweep of a pointer. Its Font Awesome capabilities make using icon fonts easy and quick, saving on load times considerably. Also, its website store front end allows you to market your products right off your website. Swooping zoom-out intro effects will keep you engaged, too, and widgets and shortcodes will facilitate your work and coding.

All in all, Minimalize takes the fuzz out of building a website!

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lumos - creative photography theme

The WordPress theme Lumos has a modern and attractive look. Its target users are creative agencies and freelancers in particular, but its flexibility makes it ideal for multipurpose websites, whether single page or multipage in format. Lumos’ many varied visual styles range from the subtle to the sublime, but all share one commonality—an impeccable taste.

Accessible and easy to use, Lumos comes with the Visual Composer Page Builder for drag-and-drop live editing functionality and ease. Horizontal and vertical headers combine with dark and light themes to multiply your customization options. Responsive across all devices, mobile and otherwise, you can install this handsome theme with a single click. It features customizable logos, unique portfolio tools, and top-of-the line customer support service. It also offers a thorough documentation, a shortcode functionality, and much more.

Additionally, Lumos has a multilingual support, with several natively supported customer contact forms. With customized social media sharing buttons, Retina-ready icons that look gorgeous on mobile devices, portfolio posts with rich styling options, and SEO-friendly features around the board, Lumos’ flat design is a canvas for a smorgasbord of personalization. This theme is lightning fast and illuminating in its design.

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TwoFold—amazingly creative, impressively easy to use, fast, and flexible—is a premium WordPress theme for full-screen photography websites. It is an ambitious combination of systematic simplicity, user-friendliness, and competent management of sophisticated, high-resolution photography collections and albums in the most innovative presentations and layout styles on the market today.

TwoFold provides a variety of Album and Gallery styles, each with their own settings and configuration for you to fiddle with, as well as three different Collection pages where you can deploy powerful AJAX filters to create the selections you desire in an instant.

Photographers will find a strong ally in this dark theme. It allows versatile handling of page headers and footers, the use of your custom Collection or Gallery page as your default home page, and deft handling of multiple Albums. Gorgeous photo hover effects, in particular, will make your users keenly interested in interacting with every nook and cranny of your website, exposing themselves to more of your visual works.

It’s not surprising then that TwoFold’s imaginative and one-of-a-kind gallery, album, and collection substructured hierarchy is the talk of the town among photographers. Try it for your website today!

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Kinetika is another WordPress theme for full-screen photography websites. It is visually expressive, vibrant, and expansive, as well as deeply engaging, tech-savvy, and fast-loading. Photographers, photojournalists, travel journalists, and personal photobloggers will want this handsome and simplified solution for their photography websites.

Kinetika has useful and convenient features for handling high-resolution visual content, like images and videos. Take advantage of its powerful gallery and portfolio options to showcase your material in the most innovative layouts and presentations. Use sophisticated grids and Masonry options, as well as immersive full-screen capabilities across the board. Its dark style, of course, provides a beautiful contrast to your photos and videos.

With the above features, your audience can truly admire your images without distractions. Kinetika gives your users maximized focus and excellent navigational experience.

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Archi is a resourceful and responsive WordPress theme for interior design websites. It is sophisticated and graceful and has the strength and flexibility to seamlessly lend itself to a whole slew of diverse website applications and archetypes ranging from personal portfolios or blogs to corporate app showcases or small business websites. For instance, webmasters seeking to establish an online home for interior design and decoration companies favor Archi’s unique and specific design, seeing it as a full-featured toolkit.

Archi is also easy to use since it includes the Visual Composer plugin for uncomplicated page building and layout customization. It further offers seven different menu styles, six different homepage layouts, solid or transparent headers, the Revolution Slider premium plugin, limitless possible combinations of layouts and color schemes, and tons of predesigned, ready-made page templates, including a One Page demo version, a Coming Soon page for unfinished sections, a Landing Page version for routing traffic from other sources, marketing campaigns or promotions, and out-of-the-box WooCommerce integration. Archi, therefore, can easily market your wares directly to your audience from day one.

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Paperio is a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme. It is a great choice for developing stylish and modern blog websites. Whatever your background and story is, Paperio can make a star out of your blog. Intuitive and free from any coding, it keeps your designing experience simple. A visual selection of demos, templates, and layouts takes care of all the hard work. The WP Live Customizer lets you fiddle with them to your heart’s content. So, choose from masonry, grid, and column-based list layouts. Then, combine these with sidebars, headers, and footers in multiple flavors.

Importantly, Paperio includes a sleek dark variant that makes your websites stand out from the crowd. Paperio blogs are also SEO-enhanced, performing well across search engines. Your content will thus engage a broader audience in no time with this theme. A responsive Bootstrap skeleton powers its mobile-friendly performance as well. In terms of speed, if you use Paperio, your blogs will load fast and will be rendered seamlessly across all devices and platforms.

In addition, Paperio lets you monetize your words with convenient ad block elements. They integrate with most ad revenue services without a hitch. WPML-ready, Paperio is also easy to translate for audiences around the whole planet to enjoy. Take a walk on the dark side with Paperio!

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Stash is truly an all-in-one WordPress theme made for anybody dreaming of their own website. It comes with more than 48 homepages for each topic demo and a simple one-click install. It also features amazing compatibilities with premium third-party plugins and comes with Visual Composer and Bootstrap frameworks. Further, it is intuitive, thanks to advanced panel options and MegaMenu. With all these elements united, coding skills are not required. The theme is even integrated into SEO and enhanced in terms of speed, making it more efficient.

Stash is your ticket to a painless process of building a website your own way, with your own style. It features beautiful Font Awesome icons and social media buttons. Build stunning page content with rich solid Google Fonts typography and unlimited colors. Take a peek at Stash’s creative options. CSS3 animations, customizable backgrounds, parallax, and dark/light skins are just a few.

This theme is great for creative departments. Professionals and large companies in need of good image quality will love it! It is completely Retina-ready and provides great graphics for photos.

Come and give it a chance! Build your dream website, and get lifetime updates and documentation with Stash!


pressroom - dark magazine wordpress theme

Pressroom is an innovative, highly customizable WordPress news and magazine theme. It is fit for usage by news and magazine websites of all sorts. It is intuitive and has a very mild learning curve, empowering webmasters to create professional-looking, interactive, and eye-catching websites with minimal effort and time investment.

A powerful drag-and-drop live editor enables your authors and administrators to alter a page’s layout in a simplified, intuitive interface. Layout options allow for multiple customized arrangements, such as wide, boxed, and layered, which can be further altered to infinity. Pre-extant themes are also supported with the child theme feature, easing transitions as much as possible and giving you all the tools and the advantages of Pressroom as soon as you finish the one-click installation, clocking in at two minutes on average.

Another feature, which is WooCommerce integration, means that you are minutes away from marketing your products out of your own online store front. You can easily compose handsome layouts using multiple modular features. There are also mobile-friendly features for phone and tablet users.

Pressroom feels current, dynamic, and pulsating, thanks to the HTML5 and CSS3 functionalities. It will keep your news magazine boiling hot.

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Porto is an all-encompassing multipurpose WordPress theme built to the latest standards of design and technology. It looks and feels current while also polished and professional. With hundreds upon hundreds of customizable variations, Porto is a theme that can benefit all websites.

Feature-rich and thick with options, this dark theme is flexible, with dozens of page styles included. All designs deliver a put-together, cogent aesthetic across both dark and light theme presentations. Multiple page styles exist for e-commerce-enabled shops, home pages, contact pages, and anything you could possibly think of. All are rendered in full HTML5 and CSS3 animated glory.

Other features include three dozen custom elements for page building, a master menu, and a slider inclusion for optimized navigation. Porto also provides fully responsive cross-platform functionality, single-page templates, powerful social media sharing integration, limitless combinations of headers, sliders, bars, menus, and content layout styles. Additionally, it is RTL-ready with an AJAX front end, multilevel dropdown menus, sticky headers, and an incredibly resourceful admin panel.

Besides the above, Porto boasts of native search engine optimization and plugin compatibility. It further offers blog and portfolio templates, endless fonts and colors, extensive documentation, and around-the-clock top-of-the-line customer support service. Porto is a theme for websites taking themselves seriously.

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Vigor is a fresh-faced, highly attractive WordPress theme that is fit for websites of all nature, especially ones with a highly conceptual branding image or leitmotif. It speaks the loudest when it whispers through its dozen different demos. Unassuming while powerful and flexible yet readily distinguishable, Vigor is refreshingly beautiful. This theme distributes your content in the most visually tasteful manner, with several unique page templates to match the diverse needs that multipurpose websites can experience.

Subtlety is key, and Vigor’s elegant, seemingly endless headers and sliders are fully customizable to your heart’s content. You can hide them when not in use, react to users’ hovering in a myriad ways, and seamlessly animate introductions or transitions, thanks to the powerful HTML5- and CSS3-enabled codes. The Visual Composer facilitates the use of these tools with simple drag-and-drop functionality into any pre-existing layout. It can even help you create your own layouts from scratch and store them for future use. Use video backgrounds in pages and sections, anchors and sticky functionality for one-page websites, or a full cross-platform responsive design.

Specifically, WooCommerce integration enables store functionalities of any sort and will help you make money immediately. Demo sites are available with a single click, just like the installation process itself. Retina-enabled, Vigor is ready to bedazzle high-definition displays with stunning visual effects. This theme really packs a punch.

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nimbo dark wordpress theme

Nimbo is a dark WordPress theme that pushes elegance and sophistication. If you are a blogger who is looking to create a strong impact on readers, Nimbo will do the trick effortlessly. Out of the box, Nimbo comes with three different home page demos and all the extra internal sections that will help you create a complete online space in little to no time. There is also a dark and light layout switcher which instantly changes the atmosphere.

Other cracking features of Nimbo are two headers and menus, stylish blog and post layouts, as well as full translation readiness. The entire web design of Nimbo is 100% mobile ready, in tune with popular web browsers and optimized for fast loading speed and retina screens. Customize the look real-time and craft a reading and content examining experience like none out there.

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selfer dark wordpress theme

When you would like to stand out from the masses with an original and out of this world online presentation, Selfer is the dark WordPress theme you should consider. Whether a designer, photographer or any other creative individual, make sure you have a website up and running, pushing both your online portfolio and the amazing services you offer to clients. This way, you can increase your potential and truly reach the results you always wanted to attain.

Selfer includes eighteen custom Elementor widgets, child theme, page preloader, blog and one-click demo install. Even if you are not tech-savvy, with Selfer, you will still create a neat page with a minimal touch that will spark everyone’s curiosity. Also, expect regular theme updates that make sure your personal portfolio stands the test of time.

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phoxy dark wordpress theme

If there is a website for a photo project you would like to create, Phoxy is here to satisfy all your needs and wants. No matter how picky you might be, with Phoxy, you will easily construct a dark website that will add an extra shine on all your works, impressing your page visitors.

With 38 demos, over forty galleries and more than ninety blocks, Phoxy offers a massive selection of features and assets that you can utilize at free will. If you would like to share your photography adventure with the world, you can also start writing a blog and take your project to new heights. No matter if you are an amateur or professional photographer, Phoxy is ready for everyone. Regardless of the challenge, you are now in safe hands with the convenient and user-friendly Phoxy.

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severn - dark WordPress blogging theme

Severn is a quaint, simple WordPress theme regardless of how you look at it. It is the ultimate responsive WordPress blog theme for optimized display on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktop PCs of all aspect ratios, real and imaginary. Pliable and dynamic, there is no amount of bending that can break Severn’s smart layout capacities. This is a theme for webmasters with a heterogeneous audience. If your medium constantly changes, you need a website that constantly adapts right back.

With multiple post formats supported, ten customized widgets, and a whole set of shortcodes, building a website becomes an easy, satisfying task that you can accomplish within minutes. Multicolumn layouts let you arrange your content so it best suits the proportional attention you wish to cast on different sections of your site. Severn also features extremely optimized page loading speed, thanks to the efficient CSS3 styling with imageless layouts and a bare-bones approach to JavaScript. There are hundreds of fonts and colors to choose from, complete with social media profile integration to make your visitors feel at home right away. The bimodal light and dark styles let you completely alter the visual tone of your website with the flick of a switch, quite literally. Severn, therefore, is the king of simple, mutable themes.

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rubenz wordpress theme

If you would like to distinguish yourself from the masses, Rubenz is the dark WordPress theme you need. This creative and outstandingly amazing portfolio theme sorts out your online space in style. Showcase your portfolio, your work and your service in a way everyone’s jaws will drop. One thing is for sure, with a website that Rubenz powers, you will surely start making big moves. Whether you are a freelancer or run an agency, with Rubenz, you can take care of your page in a small breeze.

Moreover, Rubenz is powered by the convenient Elementor page builder which ensures that tweaking and editing default settings require no prior experience. Other treats of Rubenz are full-screen slider, menu overlay, different home designs and automatic free lifetime updates. Make a difference with Rubenz and see fantastic results.

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telling wordpress theme

Telling is a versatile and adaptive WordPress theme for everything news, journaling and blogging related. And you can also use it as a dark WordPress theme thanks to its modern and elegant design. Regardless of the news site, you would like to start, you can make it happen without a hassle by employing the spectacular Telling. The tool has all and everything that you need available and ready to put into play. Once you couple your compelling content with the excellent Telling, you will surely stand out a mile. Note: you do not need to use Telling exactly as is, you can always make tweaks and adjustments to match it to your signature style precisely.

Different header styles, Revolution Slider, search engine optimized, compatible with mobile devices and congruent with web browsers, Telling follows all the latest practices and regulations. And when you grow your news page to a certain degree, utilize Telling’s monetizing function and start banking.

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nexout wordpress theme

With its dark, contemporary and elegant style, Nexout will showcase your portfolio magically. Indeed, Nexout is a dark WordPress theme that keeps things running smoothly at all times. No matter which device and platform they use, with Nexout, it is a guarantee that the performance will always be first-class. By following modern web development regulations, Nexout guarantees responsive, flexible and extendable web design.

From home page and project list to project details, blog, contact and all the other pages in between, Nexout ensures you have it all ready and set out of the box. You can also translate Nexout to any language you want and localize or globalize the experience. Last but not least, every Nexout user gets access to free support for any additional guidance and assistance you might need.

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Stamford - creative photography blog

Stamford is a classy, flexible, lightning-fast WordPress theme that is ideal for creative photography or portfolio websites. Still, you can customize it with a simplified Visual Composer Page Builder version to meet your specific layout needs. It is light and easy to use overall. With this theme, you are mere minutes away from building the professional, elegant, and vibrant creative website of your dreams.

Including light and dark theme iterations, Stamford comes with cutting-edge optimization technologies for substantially faster loading times, making your website feel alive and responsive to the users and maximizing your efficiency. This ensures that you only spend time and bandwidth on delivering your precious content. Stamford is extra easy to manage, with very powerful yet simplified admin panel options and tools, multiple theme options, full HTML5 support (exemplified in a gorgeous YouTube commercial), video or locally hosted HTML5 video background support, and Retina-ready smooth animations.

Also available are limitless galleries and portfolios that can be filtered and searched via the AJAX front end combined with incredibly responsive and mobile-friendly features, swipe gesture optimization, and hover intent detection. These features allows for a sophisticated, award-winning user experience. Yet, nothing is as compelling about Stamford as its unbridled creativity and the boundless possibilities it offers webmasters for showcasing their own creativity.

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metis - fullscreen portfolio template

Metis is a hypermodern, clean-cut WordPress theme featuring an award-winning visual design that is an ideal match for creative webmasters building websites ranging from personal portfolios to online studio galleries and fashion magazines. It is invariably elegant and understated.

Featuring one-page light and dark variants and a multipage mode in both classic and full-screen browsing experiences, Metis transforms to suit your aesthetic needs with little effort and with native responsiveness that ensures that your website is enjoyed across platforms with no compatibility issues. Retina-ready out of the box, this theme looks amazingly beautiful and feels professional and polished.

With multiple visual effects, including zoom-out intros, HTML5, and Youtube video backgrounds, 3D Curtain effects, Parallax effects and Parallax scrolling in both one-page and multipage versions, eight fully customizable demos, Metis has the goods to take you where you want to go and makes sure that you look good getting there.

Specific features include powerful portfolio sorting tools, extensive shortcodes to enable easy handling of nifty tools and features with basic coding and drag-and-drop skills, full documentation backed with an effective, speedy customer support team, SEO optimization, and customized preloaders.

With all the above features, Metis is undoubtedly one theme that will leave your audience in awe.

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