Top 25 Customizable Envelope Mockups for Designers

Do you want prospective clients to take an interest in your business? Then you need to create a strong first impression that conveys who you are and what you offer. For many businesses, successful branding starts with wonderfully designed customized envelopes. Though it is a digital age, a major portion of correspondences is still received via traditional mail. Therefore if you print custom business envelopes, your business gets a professional and polished appearance. Promoting your brand with business envelopes is as important to the success of your product as your logo and packaging; people tend to appreciate more an attractive bag and an interesting box than simply a plain one and the same is applicable to envelopes. 

Other than in business sectors, envelopes are useful for personal purposes as well. If you send your special day’s invitation card in a beautifully designed customized envelope, it will surely leave an impact on any of your guest’s mind.

Be it a professional or personal purpose, the usage of envelopes are wide. And designing such a nice envelope becomes easier when you use mockup for it. Today in this post 20 best easy-to-use envelope mockups have been accumulated to help you. 

Let’s talk about these mockups.

Branding Mockup Featuring Office Supplies

branding mockup featuring office supplies

A multi-purpose branding mockup featuring all sorts of office supplies, including an envelope. If you would like to add your company logo to all sorts of different items, you can do it now with one click. You read that right; once you upload your logo and make any possible corrections and improvements in terms of repositioning and cropping it, you are ready to rock and roll. See immediate results and have the life-like version available sooner rather than later. With this in mind, you can have multiple available alternatives prepared for the client so they will have a breeze deciding which to go with.

Branding Mockup Featuring Stationery Items

branding mockup featuring stationery items

Another full set of stationery items for branding purpose. Of course, in the bundle, you will also find an envelope which you can enrich with a company logo easily. In fact, all the items you find on the mockup with the exception of paper clips, you can brand with a simple upload of the desired logo. That’s it, a click on the mouse and you can have a lively and photo-realistic presentation ready and set to impress your client. Have in mind, you can also include a text overlay with a quick, in-browser function. Placeit is a remarkable and newbie-friendly platform for creating jaw-dropping presentations of your works and creations.

Cards & Envelopes Mockups Scene

cards and envelopes mockup scene

A complete collection of card and envelope mockups in tons of different sizes. This kit offers you a whopping collection of 45 envelope mockups and additional 33 card mockups for your convenience. In short, the bundle has something for everyone. All possible sizes are available for you to take to your advantage and establish a banging presentation that will turn heads. Moreover, there are also ten backgrounds, nine predefined scenes, standard and high-resolution, you name it, the list of features is almost endless. You can now play around with different options and possibilities until you come up with the ideal solution that will instantly spark their curiosity.

Stationary Mockup with Shadow

stationary mockup with shadow

A full set of stationery mockup with a beautiful and lively addition of a shadow. If you would like to spice things up, you better not miss checking out this exclusive and enticing template full of goodies. In the kit, you will find all sorts of amenities, like A4 paper, C6/C5 envelope, memo book, pencil, paper clips, you name it. You can start immediately for the fast and striking result that will keep everyone satisfied. And if in need to perform any improvements and customization tweaks, you can do them now, so the outcome will be a guaranteed success. Get involved and shine.

Corporate Identity

corporate identity

As the name suggests, if you are in the process of realizing corporate identity, make sure all is in perfect order with this nifty mockup template. The bundle contains business card, letterhead, invoice, envelope, folder and roll-up banner – all come in PSD. Moreover, all the items are also fully printable (with bleed settings) and super simple and quick to edit. Drag and drop your design creations and enjoy real-time results in an instant. Make sure all the stationery items are branded with your company logo and any additional information and detail your client would like to sport. Easy-peasy!

Envelope Mockup

Do you have a creative design idea for an envelope? Now the time is to present that idea in the best possible way. This envelope mockup helps you create a photorealistic presentation of your envelope designs. It includes high-resolution PSD file that is easily editable via smart objects. You can just edit the smart object, replace the design and within just a few clicks, your presentation will be ready to share.

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Envelopes Mockup Bundle

With 32 premade PSD files, this envelopes mockup bundle is ideal for those who want to present their design ideas with realistic effects. It includes smart object feature, customizable window shape and 3 layer style (foil, emboss and letterpress). Editing the mockups is really easy with the help of smart object feature. Moreover, it comes with a help file that makes the job super easy even for the beginners. This mockup bundle helps you design wonderful envelopes and showcase those designs in a professional way.

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Business Envelope Mockup

Stand ahead of the crowd with your business and create customized envelopes with handwritten customers’ addresses. This adds to your business envelopes a personal touch. This simple act can make your customers feel appreciated and imply that a respected business relationship exists between the two parties. This business envelope mockup can help you design attractive envelopes within just a few moments. It includes four different envelope styles – Front showing flap open, Front showing flap closed, Back showing flap open and Back showing flap closed. Each style exists in a separate individual folder, allowing you to add your own artwork, or change the color of the envelope. Use this mockup and market your business with beautiful envelopes.

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C4 Envelopes Mockup

This set of C4 envelopes mockup can be the perfect choice for those who want to impress their clients and customers with beautiful customized envelopes designs. You can easily place your images, design, and text on the layout. Smart object feature of this mockup makes the customization process quick and easy. Also, you will find separate light and shadow layers. You can customize these as well in order to get the perfect presentation just the way you have ever imagined. If you find any difficulty while working with this mockup, simply go through the help file that comes with this.

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Gold Envelope Mockup

This is another attractive and easy-to-use envelope mockup. The envelope design that you can see here has a black and gold colors combination. With the help of the smart-object feature, you can easily place your image and text on the envelope and create the presentation of your artwork. All you need to do is just double-click the Smart-Object, paste your artwork, save, and your job is done. If you want to showcase your customized envelope design instantly, then this high-resolution gold envelope mockup is certainly the right choice for you.

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Envelope C4 Mockup

Do you have an awesome design idea for envelopes? Then present your awesomeness with this envelope C4 mockup. This mockup includes 10 PSD files, 10 textures, and three layers styles (embossed, debossed and foil). Other than editing the envelopes, you can also change the background, texture, and color with smart objects. Within just a few moments your high-resolution and flawless presentation can be ready. With this, you can impress your clients and customers easily.

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Easy-to-use Envelopes Mockup Bundle

This complete envelopes mockup bundle includes 36 high-resolution photorealistic mockups of different sizes, having 4 different textures and 3 layer styles. You can easily customize envelope design, background and paper texture and color as per your choice with the help of smart objects. Its high-resolution appearance adds a beautiful touch to your final presentation. Use this mockup bundle and effortlessly present your envelope design presentation in a fantastic way.

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CD Envelope Mockup

Are you looking for an advanced and easy-to-edit PSD mockup that can help you showcase your envelope design idea in the best possible way? Then use this CD envelope mockup. It includes 11 different views of a CD envelope. You can easily edit the design, change color and add text using smart objects. You get full control over the color, quantity, place, direction of reflections, lights, and shadows. Moreover, its automatic background perspective and sticker effect for labels help you design the envelope in a stylish way. It looks good for both bright and dark designs. The help file that comes with the mockup can make things easier for you.

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Envelope C5 Mockup

This C5 envelope mockup set consists of 12 photorealistic high-quality mockups. All the mockups display beautiful and simple layouts of envelopes that you can use for personal and commercial purposes. You can easily change the color and design of the envelopes, background, and texture. Your presentation will showcase only your creative design and to do this you do not have to put lots of effort. With the help of the smart object feature of the mockups, you can easily customize the whole thing and create a flawless presentation of your envelope design work. For more information, go through the help file, available in illustrated PDF, that comes with this set. 

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Envelope DL Mockup

Do you want to use envelopes to communicate and share important documents with your customers and stakeholders? Then instead of opting for the same old white or brown plain envelopes, why don’t you put a thought on customized branded envelopes! Other than meeting your requirements, these envelopes will brand your business in a subtle way as well. To create such envelopes, use a well-designed mockup. And here this envelope DL mockup can be considered as one of the best mockups for presenting envelope designs. It shows envelopes that have beautiful window shape on them. This can be customizable. You can add your brand logo, text and image as per your choice. Also, you can edit the texture and background. There are 3 layer styles (Foil, Letterpress and Emboss) and 3 paper textures that come with this. Choose any and create a stunning presentation.

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Square Envelope Mockup

This mockup set displays a square-shaped envelope design. It includes 8 high-quality PSD files, each having the photorealistic appearance and smart object feature. Also, there are 3 different layer styles (Foil, Emboss and Letterpress) and 3 paper textures (White Paper, Kraft Paper 1 and Kraft Paper 2) that come with it. You can easily edit the envelope design, the window on the top of the envelope, the background, shadows, and effects. The help file that comes with the mockup can guide even the beginner designers. So, without thinking twice, get this beautiful square envelope mockup and showcase your artwork in a professional way.

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Envelope E65 Mockup

This envelope mockup set includes 8 PSD files, each having 3D realistic perspectives and fully layered layouts. Usage of the mockups is quite simple. Just open the PSD file of your choice, there you will find a group of duly named layers. You will see the layers for editing are on top, named properly and highlighted in red color. You can put your own creative design work using smart objects. Also, you can adjust the light effects, shadow, and reflections as per your preference. The background is also editable. Change the size, add text, fill with colors and create a superb presentation of envelope designs. The useful features of the mockup will make the job easy for you.

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CD Envelope Mockup 2

This is another CD envelope mockup, having advanced features. With this high-resolution mockup, you can create a realistic appearance of your project. And there is no doubt that the appearance will perfectly fit both the dark and bright designs and different shapes. The well-described layers and smart object feature of this mockup make the editing process hassle-free. Moreover, you will find 4 photographic filters in each PSD file. They help you design attractive piece easily. With this mockup, you get 11 high-quality thoughtful compositions. You can create a stunning presentation using this mockup for your next project and impress your clients.

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Envelope C6 Mockup

This envelope mockup includes 11 PSD files, each having high resolution. It is ideal for print design, portfolio, showcase, ads, banners and more. You can customize every detail easily with the help of smart objects. There are beautiful textures and layer styles come with the mockup, helping you create a beautiful design presentation. You can also adjust shadows and move objects as per your need and preference. Use this excellent-quality mockup to get unique and photorealistic results quickly.

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Envelope C4 Mockups

Another professional mockup, ideal for showcasing envelope design with photorealistic effects, is available here. It consists of 12 easy-to-use PSD files, different layer styles, and various textures. You can easily change the paper texture and color of the envelope, modify the background, adjust shadows and effects. It is a fully customizable mockup with which you can make unlimited variations. Moreover, the help file that comes with it in illustrated PDF format can guide you throughout the designing process. 

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Envelope in Hands Mockup

A beautiful photorealistic envelope mockup is available here. It displays various envelopes held in hand. In this mockup set, you will find 7 PSD files, having high resolution and standard size envelopes designs. With its smart object feature, you can easily modify the entire thing and create your desired presentation. The transparent background visible here is present in a separate layer. You can edit that as well. So, what are you waiting for? Get this useful mockup to design customized envelopes and reinforce your brand image.

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Handy Envelope Mockup

This handy and easy-to-edit envelope PSD mockup is perfect for your next presentation. With the help of smart object feature, you can easily customize the envelope design. Simply double click on the smart object, add your artwork, logo, and pattern, hit save and close the smart object. Your job is done and you are ready to show a stunning presentation of your envelope designs to the world. For more information, you can have a look at the instruction file that comes with the mockup set.

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Photorealistic Envelope C5 / C6 Mockup

This envelope PSD mockup consists of 8 premade high-resolution PSD files, each having customizable window shape on it. You will also find 3 different layer styles, 3 paper textures, 4 photo filters, and 5 background images. With smart objects, it is easily customizable. You may not have given your envelopes much thought before. But now with this mockup, you can transform your creative envelope design ideas into reality. 

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Creative Envelope C5 / 6 Mockup

Use this creative envelope mockup and design an envelope with unique size to make it stand out. To create an envelope that meets its marketing potential, it needs to be better than the average. And for this, creative envelope C5/6 mockup is the ideal choice. With this mockup, you can easily create an envelope design presentation that will keep you stand ahead of your competitors. The mockup set includes 10 high-resolution textures and 3 layer styles. Also, you get 10 Photoshop-compatible PSD files that you can customize as per your taste and preference. 

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DIN 5 Envelope Mockup

Introducing DIN 5 envelope mockup, available in layered PSD format. It displays a stack of envelopes having the same color and design. You can customize the envelope design along with the background as per your requirement. Its high-resolution adds a fantastic touch to your final presentation. Use this envelope mockup and let your creativity flourish. Create a customized envelope design presentation and impress your clients easily.

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Final thought,

The importance of custom envelopes in businesses is undeniable. They have a demand for personal purposes as well. And to design such well-designed envelopes, the above-discussed mockups can help you immensely. So, which one is your favorite? Have you started using any of these for designing your own envelope? Feel free to share your views.

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