Typography Fundamentals, Hand Lettering for Logo Design 2020

Learn Lettering, Hand Lettering, Typography tools, Typographic logos+ Additional Vector Alphabets of Awesome Designs

What you’ll learn
  • Typography Fundamentals
  • Hand Lettering to Design Logos and Creating 3D effect
  • Applying Gradients on Text
  • Applying Clipping Masks on Text
  • Confidence when working on Type Tool
  • Confidence in doing Hand Lettering
  • Illustrator should be installed on PC.

Typography is present in every graphic design project, whether it be print or digital, motion or brand identity. This course explains how to use type properly in order to obtain professional results. The course directly addresses development of the skills a graphic designer must master for real world projects.

There are many specific elements of typography that a professional graphic designer must master in order to deliver the desired result in a clean and effective manner.

The following concepts are explained:

· Kerning, tracking, leading, alignment and spacing


Hand Lettering and Creating 3D effect for making Logos

How to Apply Gradient on Text

How to Apply clipping mask on Text

and much more.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is perfect for graphic designers that are already working, that need the knowledge now, and may be they don’t have enough time to read or follow long courses. Non graphic designers are NOT excluded for we start from the beginning and really anybody interested in typography and Hand Lettering may follow this course.
Typography Fundamentals, Hand Lettering for Logo Design 2020 Download
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Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/typography-fundamentals-and-hand-lettering-for-logo-design/

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