You can now turn Travelify theme into WooCommerce estore

I have received a lot of positive feedback from your about Travelify WordPress theme and also got loads of suggestions, recommendations and requests. Thanks you for these requests because it’s hard to come up with new ideas for theme that already has everything in it.

We all know that WordPress is not just about blogging and simple websites and thanks to its huge community it can become fully functional eStore. Following this trend I decided to add WooCommerce support for this theme.

I chose WooCommerce as eCommerce platform due to its massive popularity, customization options and simplicity. For those who are not aware about WooCommerce I recommend to check their official website. If you know what WooCommerce can do for you you can updated Travelify theme to version 1.2.0 and start listing your products for sale.

WooComerce eCommerce plugin is used by over 500,000 WordPress websites globally and it is by far the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress based websites. Knowing how popular is WordPress I believe that WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution overall but I have no data on this to clarify.

We didn’t overwrite default WooCommerce look so you can still use their interface to change colors, product image size, layout and other options. So be creative and build your next big thing in the eCommerce. It’s not like you have to create the next Amazon or eBay overnight but you can start small and grown from there.

WooCommerce preview

WooCommerce preview

WooCommerce shopping cart

WooCommerce shopping cart on Travelify


WooCommerce Checkout

WooCommerce Checkout

Other Travelify features and options remain untouched and it’s as Awesome as it was before this update.


Some users are complaining that they have lost their customizations for this theme. Unfortunately this is how WordPress update works. It overwrites the entire theme directory so you lose everything you added or removed from code. I have plans to support this theme in foreseeable future so updates are inevitable. To avoid losing customizations you can use Child Theme support. Basically you will  create new files for the parts of the them you want to change, the rest will remain the same.

This setup will allow to update  Travelify theme without losing any customization you have made inside the code.


This theme is still translatable and if you have translated this theme in your language, feel free to send me translation (.po file) and I will add it to theme via next update. You will also be featured on this website as well as on theme itself. Together we can make this theme even better! ?

I would appreciate if you could give 5 star rating for Travelify Theme on

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